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10 | Embracing the world of sport - Ridgeline Media - Sports photography/videography

DJI Mavic 3 Pro
Mavic 3 Pro

Hello everyone! Just a quick entry from me (Oli) to give you an update on Matchbox Productions and a new exciting branch from the business: Ridgeline Media. If you've worked with us in the past or followed us for a while you'll know that our main core at Matchbox has always been music. However, sport has always been a huge passion of mine and over the last couple of years we've done more work in the sport sector mainly filming at either the football or Ultra Marathons with GB ULTRAS. We felt it was time to separate these two sides of the business, allowing each side to flourish and breath in it's own right and with its own target audience in mind.

Both Matchbox Productions and Ridgeline media will be working hand in hand with both Joe and I being committed to both sides simultaneously. Nothing will change at Matchbox Productions we will still be offering the same services and creating the same content - We will just not be posting as much anymore about the sports/outdoors side of our business. Ridgeline media will be focussing on all things in the sports sector - bringing photography and videography content as well as Drone content - we're really excited to be able to be putting more effort into this side of the business and for it to have it's own platform to really shine. So if you are interested in seeing more about our life embracing the world of sport, then head over to @Ridgelinemedia and give us a follow over there! Until then, see you in the studio! Thanks for reading, Oli

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