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008 | Where It Begins...

Hi everyone!

I'm Annie Boyne and I've just joined the Matchbox team as an intern. I'm so excited to learn how to edit shots using Photoshop, set up lighting for shoots in the studio, take part in events... the list goes on.

I'm so keen to be part of as many of these opportunities as possible and am able to meet and work with many new clients.

Helmet Studio Photography Products
Helmet Studio Photography Products

This is an example of one of my images. This shot of a racing helmet was captured by walking around with a strip of LED lights and with a slow shutter speed, this strobing effect is created. I then made other alterations to enhance the colour and clarity on Photoshop.

Just wanted to thank Oli and Joe for giving me this amazing opportunity and can't wait to get stuck in.

I will keep posting about all these fantastic events and experiences on this blog so feel free to enjoy with me.

Thanks for reading,

Annie :)

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