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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Matchbox Productions is a production company, based in the North West of the UK, specialising in Videography, Photography and Audio Production.


We share a vast amount of knowledge surrounding the Audio Visual industry and are passionate in making our work stand out to the world.


The stories behind the content we capture, drives us to do what we do.


Whether it’s producing songs, filming music videos or commercial adverts all the way through to photographing products; 


Everything Has a Story. We're Here to Capture It.

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Our Values

Trustworthy, Supportive and Helpful

Matchbox Productions do not shy away from a challenge and go above and beyond to deliver a product that both you; the client, and we are proud of. We are able to do this whilst offering the most cost effective solutions to suit your brief. We will always get the job done. 

Organised and Adaptable

Being prepared is an essential part of the planning and execution stages of our work. This is what allows us to execute our work with precision whilst being seamless and stress free.

Passionate, Hardworking and Efficient

Our team strive to be the best in what they do in every aspect of their roles. Passion for the work comes as second nature and as a team we come together to create captivating and exciting end products in the most efficient way possible. 

Technical and Innovative 

Matchbox Productions are always updated with the latest technical skills and continually push boundaries to stay ahead of the curve. Thinking outside the box is something we always seek to do to ensure that our work is as personalised to the client as it can be. 

Our Values

Our Story

Matchbox Productions was formed in 2020 in Warrington, UK after founders Joe Banks and Oliver Thomas had completed their degrees in both Audio Engineering and Media Production. Originally done as a project making content for their own band, Joe and Oli started recording and filming small acoustic videos for local artists around their town. This small service continued to gain popularity and allowed us to grow our service list.


In 2021, Matchbox Studios opened, allowing us to have a hub to record full multi-tracked sessions and produce music ready for radio. This Studio also doubled as both a video and photography studio and allowed us to use the space and a completely controlled environment.

As our passion for multimedia continued to grow, we started working with small, local businesses, creating short promotional video content tailored towards social media. We believe that video content is at the forefront of everything, from advertisement to entertainment therefore we are very passionate about helping our clients reach their full potential. 

As our company continues to grow, so does our ambition as we strive to continue creating captivating multimedia and capturing our clients stories.


Oliver Thomas

Co-Founder & Head Of Visuals

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Joe Banks

Co-Founder & Head Of Audio

Our Clients


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