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Thank you for choosing to work with Matchbox Productions

By paying your deposit you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions stated within this document. 

*Any cancellations made will result in the loss of the deposit and another deposit will need to be placed to secure a new date for the booking, additionally for any cancellations made with less than 14 Days notice of the booking will be charged the full amount.. 

Please note payments by cheque are not accepted. 


Please make the final payment upon delivery of the product. 


Payments not made within 10 days of final delivery will be charged 5% of the total cost. Every day after the 10 day period, another 5% will be added to outstanding balance.


Please note that any extra costs incurred during the job will not be included in the above total price. (Parking/travel expenses etc)


Once the final project has been released to the public by the client, Matchbox Productions will be free to use the final product across their own social media and marketing platforms.




It is up to the client to turn up punctual to the time agreed with Matchbox Productions prior to the day of the session. Any loss of time because of client lateness will be the client's responsibility and will not be made up. 


Artists and musicians must turn up to their sessions prepared and rehearsed. 


Both Matchbox Productions and the Producers name (Whoever that may be) must be credited upon release on every streaming platform via the artist's distributor as well as all social media posts including the material. 


Copyright Terms - Any material you bring into the studio is your responsibility. Therefore if there are any copyright infringements the studio is not liable.


Backing Tracks / Stems - If an artist would like a backing track made, an additional fee of £50 per track will be charged. If you require full stems, a £50 fee per track will be charged. 


Session Musicians - You must inform us if you require session musicians provided by us for your session. A fee will be decided and charged at the session musician's discretion.


Any damages incurred to studio gear will be charged to the client. 


Matchbox productions will provide one final mix including one mix revision free of charge. Any additional revisions will be charged £25 per track.





It is up to the purchaser to arrive at the shoot on time and prepared, Matchbox Productions will not be held accountable for loss of shooting time or expenses incurred. 


Matchbox Productions promise to film and provide the music video as close to the original description in the video plan, however this can depend on the performers, day of filming, unanticipated set-backs and co-operation of all involved. 


For all additional amendments there is a charge of £50 for each set of amendments and each time the video has to be rendered. 


Matchbox Productions will do their best to send you a preview of the video within 3-4 weeks after filming, and will endeavor to have the video finished within 1 month from filming, depending on reviews/amendments requested from The client and quality of video/footage, however this is not a guarantee.


Hair & Makeup terms: Matchbox Productions will not be responsible for booking Hair and Makeup. This will be up to client to source. It is up to the client to ensure they are happy with the service and make it clear on the day of filming if they are not. We will not be held accountable for hair and makeup and the final results. The client must come prepared if they have high expectations for this.

We will not be held responsible when a model, dancer, actor or extra does not attend the day of filming. We will also not be held responsible if a dancer, model, actor or extra does not perform to the highest standard that is expected of them for the said project.


The purchaser is entitled to all footage taken of the shoot if requested, there is a £200 charge to release all the footage to the client, however Matchbox Productions and the Director/ videographer involved must be accredited in the final video and if the footage is used elsewhere, as Matchbox Productions and the director involved hold all creative copyright on the original footage. 


The purchaser agrees to allow Matchbox Productions to use the video footage, photographs and behind the scenes footage/photographs and final video for their own promotional activities including promotion on their show reel, websites, social media and video profiles including YouTube and Vimeo.  


Matchbox Productions and the Director in charge of the shoot still have creative copyright on the original video and footage. If the video is tampered with and reclaimed by another person as their own, including any video footage/photos, this is copyright infringement and legal action will be taken.


For Music Videos, whichever Director worked on the video will be entitled to brand the video at the beginning with their name, under no circumstances should this be removed. 


This is for any music videos that will be used online. If for example, a special requirement is that the name must be removed at the beginning for TV purposes, we are happy to supply a copy of the video for TV, in any format requested, without any branding for a small fee of £100. But all credits must be given to the Director at all times. If the client requests that the Directors name is completely removed from the final music video, for use online, TV and anywhere else there will be a cost of £500, however this does not mean that  Matchbox Productions or the director has removed creative copyright, these terms of creative copyright ownership still belong to the Director and  Matchbox Productions. 


If the music video is found online without the Directors name present on the video, and this has not been agreed with  Matchbox Productions or paid for, then  Matchbox Productions can take legal action.


For any other type of videos including promo videos, interview videos, event videos etc we do not require that the Directors name is present at the beginning of the video. We only require that the company logo “ Matchbox Productions’ and contact information is stated at the end of the video, and given credit on any online or other viewing forums. This logo must not be removed from the video if being used online. However if the video is being used for TV, the logo can be removed by the client, or we can remove and send another version without the logo for a small fee of £50. All credits to ‘ Matchbox Productions’ must be given at all times. 


The client will receive 1 copy of the final video: 4K (including music/audio) MP4 H264 Online Format.


The client has the rights to distribute or sell their final video, terms are as follows:The time and duration of these rights is indefinite meaning that it is forever.


The client has the rights to distribute, sell and upload the music videos to;

-Anyone-Any range of media.

-Any form of media.

-Any Platform.

-Online-Television channels and television shows.

-Broadcasting services such as the fastrax.

-Distribution services.

The client can also;

-Collect royalties from the music videos without paying Matchbox Productions or the director any form of payment, fee or percentage of the revenue gained.

-Keep all revenue and profits gained from the distribution, selling and uploading of the videos without paying any form of payment, fee or percentage of the revenue gained to Matchbox Productions or the director.


Matchbox Productions and the director of the video (whoever that maybe) both agree with these terms and conditions as the director works for Matchbox Productions. 


If a client requests a professional photographs taken on the day, there is a fee of £50. If a client wishes to have a ‘behind the scenes video’ made there is a fee of £100. There are no amendments or changes allowed for the final ‘behind the scenes’ video; the video is final, unless an additional payment is paid for more amendments.




Please note that there will be one set of edited photos delivered after the shoot, any re-edits will cost £50 (If you require a certain style/edit please confirm this with your photographer before the shoot)


No edits are to be made by the client to the photos after the delivery from the photographer (E.G. applying Instagram filters). 


To have access to the RAW photography files there will be a charge of £50




Please note that for the Live Sessions at Matchbox Productions the price includes one mix and one video edit, for any further revisions to the mix or edit this will come at an additional charge of £50 per mix/edit (If there is an error on Matchbox Productions behalf the revisions will be free of charge).


Please note that an allocation of 2 hours is given to live sessions. Any additional time will be charged by an hourly rate. 




If you are feeling unwell on the day of your booking, please don’t come in – instead let us know by phone or email, and we will seek to rearrange your booking. In addition, if you have experienced any Coronavirus symptoms in the previous 14 days, however mild, please call us to rearrange your booking.


We would also ask that clients do not arrive for their booking with extra people in tow

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