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006 | An EP to be Hopeful About

Andrew Hancock was a man that first came to work with me a 2 years ago, full of nerves, not a lot of self confidence and the hope of turning his passion into a professional recording he can be proud of.

The man that walked through the door this week to record his 4th and 5th songs, which would for his 'Hopeful EP', is now a man full of confidence and fully aware of his songwriting ability in the most humble fashion. As his producer, I am really proud of how Andrew has come out of his shell and is now embracing his music.

a man sat in a recording studio playing the acoustic guitar
Andrew Hancock

These two tracks had a bit of a different feel to them this time; a much more raw and honest performance driven by Piano, beautifully arranged and performed by Rob Fordham who funnily enough was Andrews old piano teacher. This laid the foundation for track one. After arranging orchestral parts we progressed the track by making it a real grower. The idea was to make the last chorus the pinacle of the track and I would say we achieved just that!

The second track is what id describe as a classic B-Side. Instruments in the room, raw performance kind of vibe. Once Andrew had recorded the guide for this track I knew right away that this should be the direction he took this track. The track could have been built up to for a full band kind of track however the rawness and vulnerability of his vocal told me to keep this one nice and stripped back.

You can listen to the EP now on Spotify here:

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