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002 | A week through the lens - Videography Blog

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Videography blog 002! Another week of creativity and hustle in the world of photography and videography. Join me as I take you through the lens of my week!

Promo video shoot with Eccentric Pony

The lighting set up for.a music video
Studio Set up

First up this week was shooting a promo video for my friend Jimmy. Jimmy is the lead singer of his wedding band 'Eccentric Pony' and I have worked with Jimmy quite a lot over the years.

I wanted to create a really clean and 'Professional' look to the video so opted for this lighting set up - I used two spots to be the main source for the backlights and then used our stick lights to surround Jimmy and just add a bit of interest with the lighting


Live Streaming Hockey

Next up, I traded the controlled environment of a studio for the exhilarating world of live sports streaming. Hockey, with its lightning-fast action and intense energy, presented a thrilling challenge. From framing the perfect shots to ensuring seamless transitions, I also got to put all the work i've done this week in OBS studios and creating 3D logos in after effects to good use. What did I learn? Adaptability is key, especially when you're capturing the unpredictable rhythm of live events.


Studio Family Photo Shoot

Shifting gears once again, I delved into the realm of family photography with a studio shoot. There's something really special about freezing moments that people will look back on for years to come and this shoot day was no exception. From capturing candid smiles to orchestrating group poses (one group was a family of 6 and a dog!). It was a great reminder of the power of storytelling through family portraits. The lesson? Patience and empathy are invaluable when working with families, ensuring that every shot feels authentic and heartfelt.


Editing Day

A man editing on davinci resolve
Editing Session

Last but not least, no week is complete without diving into the intricate world of post-production. Armed with a can of cherryade and a keen eye for detail, I spent a day refining and perfecting the raw footage and images from the week's shoots. From colour grading to fine-tuning compositions, it's where the magic truly happens, transforming raw material into the final product ready for delivery.

The takeaway? Editing is not just about polishing images; it's about bringing stories to life.


In a nutshell, this week has been a busy week of creativity, learning, and growth. Each job, whether it's a high-energy live stream or a simple family portrait session, offers its own unique lessons, challenges and insights. And as I navigate through this dynamic industry, one thing remains constant: the thrill of capturing moments and crafting stories that resonate.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes looks, tips, and insights from the Matchbox Blog. Thanks for reading, Oli

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